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Warehouse & Storage

Shainex Packers and Movers have scientifically and specially designed warehousing and storage facility with a properly laid out floor plan. The warehouse is planned with a fire prevention construction and is provided with high security levels.

We very well understand the emotions that are clubbed with the goods and so have provided high and robust levels of security incorporating innovative methods like CC TV cameras, computerized automated technique of recording, 24 hours watch guards etc.

We also have adequate parking facilities at our warehouses and all kinds of vehicles including container trucks can be parked with great ease. We believe in perfection and to transpire efficient maintenance of our warehouse, we have incorporated warehouse maintenance program. In fact our warehouse is managed and controlled under this program and all the work pertaining to cleaning of premises, pest control measures, fire protection procedures and other required safety measures are undertaken with utmost care and in regular intervals.

To ensure smooth loading/unloading and handling of goods/ shipments of the clients our warehouse is well equipped with handling equipments, required tools and materials along with skilled labor force to handle the entire storage spree.

We have two levels of storage facility – permanent storage and in transit storage for international shipments and domestic household goods. Our experienced storage staffs incorporate our robust quick retrieval control system and carefully label relevant information and details of all the goods and shipments.

Our personnel allocate the space and area for the goods based on its size, storage time and nature of goods. Based on this all permanent storage shipments have been allotted to special and less active section of our warehouse and separate area is allotted for bulky items, recycling materials, packing materials and carpentry work. Air conditioned storage facility have been provided for perishable goods and other that tend to damage in hot weather conditions.

Safety of your goods is our utmost and primary concern and thus our warehouse is designed with all necessary safety measures so that goods are delivered in one piece and without any damage to the destination.

Shainex Packers and Movers take pride in being the top, reliable and professional Company that offer state of art relocation services to all its esteemed clients.

Warehouse & Storage
Warehouse & Storage Services