Relocation takes on nerves of every person. It involves proper shifting of all the items in one piece and without any damage. Car relocation is another hectic job that one has to transpire with proper care and caution.

Shainex Packers and Movers very well understand the sentiments of the people that go with their vehicles. People have umpteen numbers of memories attached with the vehicle. Even a small scratch on the car will hurt the emotions. Our packing and moving team very well understands these aspects and shoulder the responsibility of car shifting using scientific methods.

We guarantee and leave no stones unturned to deliver your car in Pristine Condition. In order to transpire this we have fleet of car carriers that are customized to meet the requirements of the clients and the vehicle in question. All our car carriers are embedded with safety measures in the form of safety chains; locks wheel stoppers and safety belts that safe guard the vehicles against all odds.

Our assiduous team of packing experts will place your esteemed car using safety locks, chains and high quality wheel stopper. We incorporate quality proven safety belts that are specially designed to hold the car in the carrier.

Also our carriers are attached with hydraulic ramp that is movable and that ensures that the car does not move inside the carrier once accommodated thus providing your loved vehicle 360 degree protection and safety in the transit.

We take special precaution for your seats by covering them with special seat cover and ensuring that it does not get spoiled in the transit.

All our carriers are specially designed keeping in mind that the safety and precaution aspects of your beloved car. We take pride in being the top car carriers in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and NCR regions. We have experience of dealing in thousands of car relocation. Our economical rates, state of art services and logistics solutions, we have huge clientele of renowned organizations like Tata, Volvo, Maruti, Ford etc. to name a few.

We weave the relocation services in such a manner that your car reaches the destination in one piece without any scratch. We halt the transportation journey 100 kms or 500 kms to ensure that everything is perfect.

An icing on the cake is that we have systematic manner to pick your car from the door step and this we do with the help of our chain of local car pick carriers, who transport the vehicle to the destination. By doing this there is no need to drive the car to our destination. Once installed in our trailers, we seal pack the keys of your car in the seal pouch epitomizing that we would not drive your car come what may.

We have in store car carriers in tune to the requirements of the region viz. if it relocation in question is region wide transportation, we utilize open trailers to serve the purpose and if it is nationwide transportation, we make use of enclosed car carriers to execute the movement. Our high end enclosed carriers are designed to protect and safe guard your vehicle from debris, weather and rough terrains.

We guarantee that your vehicle in transit reaches the destination without a single scratch and in the same condition that it is being shipped. So shift the tension of car relocation to the experienced shoulders of Shainex Packers and Movers and witness the state of art and innovative relocation spree!

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